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Planet Line Art

Enduring Aella

Hanah is on her way to a new world. She was promised paradise, but when a row of broken life-pods lands her on a deserted island in the middle of an alien ocean, she and her fellow castaways will be lucky to survive.

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Star Line Art


Astrid and Leif are star-crossed lovers bound by a devastating curse. Caught in a vicious cycle of love and loss, they must outrun Astrid's vengeful sister who has vowed to end each of their many lives.

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Witch doctor.



My name is Eva, and I love stories. Fiction is my passion, and I have indulged this love in many genres - as both an avid reader and creative writer. I have followed detectives, survived disasters, and fallen in love more times than I can count.

My writing is a blend of science fiction and fantasy, infused with the richness of mythology. I strive to weave stories that feel fantastical yet grounded, with prose that is lyrical yet conversational.

With a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, specializing in speculative fiction, and a certificate in online teaching of writing, I bring a solid educational background and a deep love for writing to my work.